Game of Thrones star Lena Headey 'felt completely powerless' when Harvey Weinstein took her to his hotel room

Game of Thrones star Lena Headey 'felt completely powerless' when Harvey Weinstein took her to his hotel room

Almost fifty ladies have move with claims that William Harvey Weinstein sexually raped them in how, and on weekday, 17 October, river Headey joined the growing list. the sport Of Thrones histrion announce a series of tweets particularization AN encounter she had with the manager producer that left her in tears.

"Harvey asked Pine Tree State to require a walk all the way down to the water, I walked down with him and he stopped and created some suggestive comment, a gesture. I simply laughed it off, i used to be genuinely aghast. I keep in mind thinking it's ought to be a joke," she recalled of her 1st meeting with Weinstein at the metropolis festival for the screening of The Brothers Grimm.

"I aforementioned one thing like... 'Oh come back on mate, it might be like hugging my daddy... let's go get a drink, come back to to the others.'"

Lena Headey noted that that was the last time she worked on a Miramax film. Years later, the 2 met once more in la over breakfast.
Lena Headey
"I had invariably carried the thought that he'd ne'er attempt something with Pine Tree State once more, not when i would laughed and aforementioned ne'er in a very million years. I believed that he revered my boundary and perhaps he needed to speak regarding potential work," Headey wrote.

After talking regarding films, the producer asked regarding her sexual love however the Cersei Lannister star claims she shifted the speech communication back to one thing less personal. He then planned rising to his space on the pretence of giving her a script.

"My whole body went on high alert, the raise was rising and that i aforementioned to William Harvey, 'I'm not inquisitive about something aside from work, please do not assume I came here with you for the other reason, nothing goes to happen'," she mentioned.

"He was silent when I spoke, furious. we have a tendency to got out of the raise and walked to his space. His hand was on my back and he was march Pine Tree State forward, not a word. I felt utterly ineffective."

Luckily for Headey, Weinstein's space key card didn't work and he escorted her go into reverse to the lobby to the valet.

"He purchased my automobile and unvoiced  in my ear, 'Dont tell anyone regarding this, not your manager, not your agent.' I got into my automobile and cried," she continuing.

Following her posts, the 44-year-old histrion received AN outpouring of support from her fans and followers, with one noting, "Thank god the key did not work."

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