Download Pokemon Go's Ho-Oh Now Available Worldwide Ho-Oh Oh, Merrrrry Christmas.

Pokemon Go fans are able to catch Lugia, one amongst the Legendary Pokemon from Gold and Silver, since July. but the opposite Legendary Bird Pokemon, Ho-Oh, has thus far been unavailable  in-game. Luckily, following the recent international Catch Challenge, developer Niantic has unlatched the rainbow-colored creature in Raid Battles worldwide.

"As a results of all of your exertions, Ho-Oh is currently showing in Raid Battles at Gyms round the world till Gregorian calendar month twelve, 2017," the corporate aforementioned. the world Catch Challenge over only recently, and unlatched Farfetch'd round the world (as well as Kangaskhan in east Asia). Since players reached the tip goal of put together catching three billion Pokemon, they conjointly earned  6-hour lures and double XP.
Developer Niantic continues to support Pokemon Go, tho' it will have a minimum of a new project within the pipeline. the corporate confirmed last week that it's creating a replacement title known as Harry Potter: Wizards Unite. The developer did say, however, that creating that game wouldn't mean it'd stop supporting Pokemon Go.

In addition to the new event, Pokemon Go conjointly has new Pokemon immoderate Sun / immoderate Moon cosmetic things out there currently. Those 3DS games launched only recently, and that we awarded them associate 8/10 in our Pokemon immoderate Sun and immoderate Moon review. For tons additional on the new games, examine this breakdown of the key variations between immoderate Sun and immoderate Moon.

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