Being pretty and thin aren’t priorities': Tamara Ecclestone reveals how motherhood has helped her body confidence

She was targeted by vile trolls following the premiere of her new reality show Tamara's World.

Now within the wake of her new TV venture, Tamara Ecclestone, 33, has opened regarding however maternity has motor-assisted her body confidence and helped her love her curves.

Speaking to The Sun's Fabulous magazine, the important person unconcealed that since hospitable her female offspring Sophia, three, her priorities have modified and he or she now not obsesses over her weight.The Formula one heritor additional that she whereas she enjoys one or two of athletic facility sessions per week, she currently focuses on being healthy and does not wish her very little kid growing up in an exceedingly menage settled by diets.

'It wont to be one thing i believed regarding a lot of, however since Fifi there square measure such a big amount of a lot of necessary things than body and weight,' she shared. Truly, it’s the furthest factor from my mind. I simply wish to be healthy. 'I spent my 20s all regarding juicing this, that and therefore the different, and currently it’s not one thing I lose any lodge. [Positive body image] starts within the home with a amative, accessory family. Dictated: The Formula 1 heiress added that she while she enjoys a couple of gym sessions a week, she now focuses on being healthy and doesn't want her little child growing up in a household dictated by diets

Adding: 'Being pretty and skinny aren’t priorities in life, and that i don’t wish Fifi to get older with those words perpetually being strengthened. As a woman, there square measure lots a lot of powerful skinnygs to be than pretty and thin.'In the interview, she mentioned however she drastically slimmed down following the birth of her currently three-year-old female offspring Sophia owing to breastfeeding - one thing she refers to as a 'beautiful experience'.

While her mother Slavica suffered constant fate, Tamara insisted she does not 'like being extremely skinny' and is currently happier than ever along with her natural curves.

Although a proud mother of 1, Tamara admitted that she's hesitant to possess another as she's scared of ranging from 'square one' once more.Family: Although a proud mother of one, Tamara admitted that she's hesitant to have another as she's afraid of starting from 'square one' again

Despite her worry, she explained that her partner Jay Rutland - United Nations agency she married in 2013 - is hoping to feature to their brood thus she's going to begin attempting for a sib for Sophia within the future.Her candid interview comes once her new reality show Tamara's World was met with a mixed reception from fans, following its debut on Wed night.

But Jay rush to his wife's defense on Th, once she was trolled for the family's lavish manner on Instagram.

The 36-year-old man of affairs hit back at haters by claiming their reality was merely 'different', which 'jealousy could be a terrible disease' - once his married woman visaged a barrage of cruel comments concerning her new ITVBe series with female offspring Sophia.

Tamara took to Instagram on Wed night to document her evening of celebration, following the show's premiere.

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