Zayn Malik twitter, True Fun Facts About Him Before And After The Fame

When it involves bands of any kind, it's powerful even for conservativist fans to grasp the names of the individual members. However, this is often not the case with one among the foremost known British boy bands of recent times, One Direction. Zayn Malik is one among the members of this band. He was born on Jan twelve of 1993 in William Bradford, European nation as Zain Javadd leader.

Zayn Malik has forever noted he will sing and lots of fans worldwide agree. He 1st came into focus once he auditioned for the seventh season of X issue however did not qualify to the show. Simon Cowell then added  him to the cluster he was forming known as One Direction. Here area unit some fun facts concerning the singer you may not have known:

  • The incomparable  favorite band of Zayn Malik is NSYNC
  • He cannot swim associate degreed has an extreme concern of open water called simple phobia. apparently tho', he loves sharks significantly hammerheads
  • The name leader suggests that Chieftain or King in Arabiczayn-malik
  • Zayn Malik visited the Lower Fields elementary school then proceeded to Tong highschool
  • He is an enormous fan of Manchester United despite living in William Bradford, that surprises several of his fans
  • Zayn leader dated fellow X issue participant married woman Ferguson for four months. the connection all over since, consistent with them, they drifted apart. She is six years older than leader
  • The pop star has 3 singers named Safaa, Waliyha and Doniya. He has no brothers tho'
  • Zayn Malik‘ father is of Pakistani origin, and he’s known as Yaser, and his mother is called Tricia leader is English
  • When he was away auditioning in X issue, his gramps passed on to the great beyond. As the way to honor his grandpa’s memory, he tattooed his grandpa’s name conductor across his chest in Arabic
  • Zayn Malik‘s favorite song of all time is ‘Thriller’ from the pathological music icon, vocalist
  • Malik could be a active Muslim and has even tweeted expressions of his religion
  • The pop star contains a somewhat weird habit of brushing his teeth forever before occurring stage. Some says it’s some kind of ritual
  • Zayn Malik to this point has eight tattoos on his body. one among the foremost recent ones could be a life-size electro-acoustic transducer that he had tattooed on his right arm in l.  a.  
  • The pop star says he likes to create topless, tho' he's too timid to create utterly naked
  • His favorite food is chicken, tho' he admits he gets tired of something at staying in hotels typically once they area unit travelling
  • According to alternative members of the band, leader has kissed the foremost fans. The craziest factor he has seen an acquaintance do is to cover in an exceedingly ashcan simply to evade security
  • Before connection one direction, he failed to even have a passport. currently he's a global jet star UN agency has toured several components of the planet

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